About me

I am a 29-year-old journalist, who regularly contributes opinion pieces to The Times, The Independent and The Telegraph, among other publications.

I write about politics, psychology (my degree) and popular culture.

In my spare time I love to box.

I also like music and singing, and once wrote some classical piano tunes: https://soundcloud.com/charlottegill

And I have a children’s book online if you fancy reading about a mermaid going through an existential crisis: https://www.wattpad.com/15687569-a-fishy-business-chapter-1-like-a-fish-to-water.

I’m writing a political romantic comedy AND a thriller. Looking for representation eventually.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I just now found your article from last September about short men. I’ve spent years trying to remain positive by reminding myself of how much I have to be thankful for: a good career, my health, the simple fact that I have clean water, abundant food, and a safe and warm place to sleep. I’m still thankful of course, but with every passing year it means less and less. Not because my height has had such a negative impact on my dating opportunities regardless of how hard I try or what other qualities I posses (I gave up trying more than three years ago. The chance of knowing love isn’t in the stars for everyone). Human nature and the rules of attraction aren’t anyone’s fault and cannot be changed. It’s because I’m almost incessantly reminded via every media and communications outlet, that the pain and humiliation of constant rejection and negative judgement by the opposite sex based on body image is a horrible social taboo that has to be challenged and reversed; but only when it’s directed toward women. At the same time a majority of those same women (and most men) seem to enjoy telling men like me how unattractive and inferior we are based on a single physical genetic trait that we cannot change. And if we say something about it we’re told to quit whining like a baby and learn how to deal with it. It worked. I learned years ago to keep my mouth shut and never speak to anyone about my feelings, or anything else for that matter. All the years of unfair judgment of women based on their looks by “The Patriarchy” must mean I deserve to feel like shit all the time.
    My apologies for the diatribe. I know it serves no purpose and nobody wants to hear it. But on this particular topic, men can’t speak up, the discussion is over before it even starts. Even when you speak on the is subject I have no doubt most women view you as a “traitor” to the modern feminist cause. Only when a woman such as yourself is willing to speak up does it stand a chance of giving men like me a glimmer of hope, if only for a short while. And for that I wanted to leave a simple thank you.

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